Gloria Chapa artist






      In 1988, after an engineering career that spanned almost 10 years, I decided to pursue Art, which  I had yearned for ever since I received my first box of Crayolas. My parents had always insisted my education be concentrated in Math and Science. No music. No Art.  After such a long wait, I was like sponge in those basic undergraduate classes. I had an immense terrain that my cerebral wanderlust  relished exploring. 


      The initial studies in Art were discernable/learnable.  What proves to be (even now) most challenging is the aspect of a life in Art that inspires, fascinates, motivates, questions and ultimately results in one's work/product. I find it difficult, but necessary to embrace random intuitiveness in order to develop a creative gesture.  This rich intuition lingers and skirts the porifery of my conciousness. Any attempt at self-awareness tends to smother it. It is a constant peek-a-boo game.


     I am compelled by the desire to substantiate visions, sensations, queries, dreams.....but, the tools and elements of choice were predicated by my Art schooling.  Eventually there was a realization that the choices were uncomfortable and cumbersome to the flow, ease and spontaneity of conception. Gradually, there has been a shift to a methodology that is more attuned to my personal sensibilities. It is an "old patina", familiar, comfortable, skill set amalgamation which I had to  validate and appreciate independently. Quilting, Coifing, Sweeping, Stirring, Crocheting, Knitting, Gardening, Sewing, Cooking, Ironing, etc.,  were learned early in my life along with the Math and Science.  These are all now part of the main focus  of my Art exploration.